Thank you to each and every one of you for a brilliant and progressive year at GB Training. We have attracted more learners to the centre and I am especially proud that a high proportion of our learners did not have prior attainment and we have provided the necessary education to enable learners to make great progress and transform their lives. I have high ambitions for our learners. Their ambitions, their aspirations, their life aims, their career goals are at the forefront of GB Training’s collective purpose. It is our job to provide the support, the expertise, the learning resources, teaching and guidance to enable all learners to fulfil their ambitions and reach their potential. This year we have received an over whelming amount of feedback from our learners throughout their learning journey, providing assurance to the centre that we are fulfilling our remit and beyond. Learner achievement has been maintained at excellent levels, however, learner progress has been placed very much under the microscope; this will be a continuing theme and become a part of our functional philosophy as a provider that puts the learner first. Where we’ve fallen short, for whatever the reason, we have acknowledged it, investigated the matter in hand, looked at the reasons why and made the necessary improvements. I would like to thank our learners, our employers, our funding partners, our regulators including Ofsted, our other important stakeholders and all of you at GB Training.