Teams4U collect shoe boxes to send to vulnerable children and people in eastern Europe who would possibly not get anything for Christmas if not for a shoe box.

Gifts such as: hat/gloves/scarf, toiletries, stationary, colouring pads/ writing pads, small toys and a cuddly toy.

This year we have managed to collect in 128 boxes from GB Training Head Office, Freedom Support, The Chimes Residential Home, Florence House and people based at The Dudson Centre, Hanley.

These have been added to the total of 8,400 collected in the Stoke and Staffordshire area, which have been delivered to the depot at Burton on Trent. A shipment of around 7,500 were shipped out to Belarus on Saturday ready to be distributed to children over December so they have a Christmas present. Another shipment has also been sent to Romania.

This year I supported the charity by helping to collect the shoe boxes from: schools, employers, churches and various drop off points and by helping to sort and process the boxes at our local depot. All the people are volunteers and have been volunteering for years and all love what they do and I know I get a huge buzz out of what I do to help.

To all those that have supported this event I can not thank you enough and please take a minute on Christmas Day to think about a child who you have given a gift to. Please look on the website to see pictures and videos of children receiving their presents from previous years.

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