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Maybe you have been out of work for a while, and you’re ready to return to the job market and start earning a wage, or maybe you want a change of direction, but your job-finding skills are a little rusty. Perhaps you feel your confidence has been dented, and you would like to know how to pick yourself up and start a fresh with a new CV and a winning covering letter. If so, then this Diploma course can help! Our Employability Skills qualification will help you have an awareness of what is expected and needed in a workplace, and it will enable you to showcase your skills, abilities, and experience to entice an employer to want to hire you.

What you will learn
• Uncovering opportunities

• Getting information on jobs that match your skills, experience and requirements

• Researching job roles • How to complete application forms

• How to write that stand-out Curriculum Vitae that displays your accomplishments, qualifications and transferable skills

• Why a Covering Letter is a must-have for all Job Seekers

• How to research a company, its values, and its impact on the community

Interview Techniques
• Presenting yourself at interview using appropriate non-verbal communication, body language and facial expressions

• Dressing appropriately and displaying good personal hygiene

• Different types of interviews

• How to best demonstrate your personal strengths and abilities during an interview

• Developing your personal confidence

• How to answer interview competency questions, as well as those tricky “What is your weakness?”-type question

Skills and Understanding in your New place of work 

• Effective communication

• Building working relationships in the workplace

• Rights and responsibilities

• Safe learning in a workplace, including requirements for Health & Safety

• Introduction to ICT, including following safe practices

• Managing personal finance

• Producing a budget

• Healthy living when preparing for work

• Dealing with stress in a new environment

You will also have a chance to practice your interview techniques during a mock group interview and a one-to-one interview with one of your tutors. In addition, you will have training, that is specific to your chosen profession, that will help you progress back into work.

The duration of this course is a minimum of 3 weeks.


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