Recruit an Apprentice

Recruit an Apprentice

The benefits of Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly obvious to more and more businesses.

Recent surveys show that apprenticeships develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. Businesses that offer apprenticeships view their newly trained employees as beneficial to their long-term business strategy and often see apprentices develop and progress through the business.

According to the British Chambers of Commerce, most employers hire an apprentice to improve the skills base within their business.

An apprenticeship is a way for young people and adult learners to ‘earn while they learn’ in a real working environment, gaining a real qualification and a chance to start a rewarding career.

Apprenticeships are available to businesses of all sizes and sectors in England. We offer a variety of subject areas, most of our qualifications will last anything from 12 months to 4 years. At GB Training we ensure that every apprenticeship is relevant and appropriate both for the apprentice and the business.


Apprenticeships are for businesses large and small and are supported with bonuses for companies.

Firms will receive £2,000 for each apprentice they take on and £1,500 for those apprentices over 25 years old.

When employers take on a 16-18 year old on an apprenticeship, they will receive £1,000 to help meet the extra costs associated with this. This will be paid to employers in two equal instalments at 3 months and 12 months. These payments are made to employers via their training provider, who will pass the money on.

Find out more about apprenticeship Levy funding 

There are three levels of apprenticeships available:

Intermediate Level Apprenticeships (Level 2)

Advanced Level Apprenticeship (Level 3)

Higher Level Apprenticeships (Level 4+)

Are you an employer looking to grow your business? Wondering how to recruit an apprentice? We understand that every business is different and taking on an apprentice might seem like a long, complicated process.

However, GB Training has worked with hundreds of businesses throughout the UK, providing them with award-winning apprentices, and you can rest assured that we’ll make the whole process as quick and easy as possible.


  • A fantastic method of harnessing fresh new talent
  • An effective, low cost recruitment strategy
  • A funded, accredited training programme that supports young people into employment
  • Our programme has been created around employers’ requirements for skills
  • Vital to developing skills that support economic growth
  • Reduction in recruitment time and costs
  • Increased staff retention and loyalty
  • A low risk, low cost means to address skills shortages
  • Enhanced reputation for business from clients and communities

We specialise in supporting businesses in hiring an apprentice for the following areas:


Customer Service


Business Admin

Health and Social Care



Transport and Logistics

We are committed to quality, customer excellence and making a real difference to society. We aim to support businesses in overcoming challenges to growth, recruitment and skill shortages by changing the way they recruit.

Want to Take on an Apprentice?

If you are ready to recruit an apprentice or simply have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Visit our FAQs, call us on 0121 622 4218 or fill out the form below.

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