There is a lot more to a comedian, especially stand-up comedians, than just being funny. They demonstrate an amazing skill set, as well as showing vulnerability and having the ability to turn a negative situation into something positive. The most noteworthy skills are how they never give up, regardless of how many times they may fail. So what other priceless skills can we learn from a comedian? Read on to find out.  

Courage, confidence and fear
The ability to handle fear is no easy feat but comedians are able to do it well. Thus, teaching us a lot about how to handle emotions, such as being nervous, working with danger and dealing with being disliked. Also about how to develop self-confidence, self-expression and even self-esteem. It also takes skill to be able to turn a scary situation and turn it into something exciting and fun.

Comedians are skilled at being able to connect with an audience, making them consummate communicators. They are also able to built to identify which individuals will cause them problems and which will be key allies. This ability teaches us how to remain energetic, charismatic, engaging, responsive and sensitive to people’s reactions. The latter helping with comic timing, the pinnacle of any comedian.

Being spontaneous and a quick thinker are attributes that everyone would love to have. As this allows you to live in the moment. Even though a comedian may be regurgitating what they practised when they are on stage, they will still have an element of their performance that will be spontaneous. This is as well as the content of their performance stemming from moments of spontaneity.

Seeing the funny side
Sometimes life can make you miserable but a comedian will always be able to see the funny side of a bad situation. Thus, making the rest of us approach life with a little more humour and to not be so serious. Humour is central to comedy but a professional comedian will be able to cater their material to suit a certain audience and setting.

Continuing to learn is necessary in order to develop and grow in a profession. A comedian would constantly be developing their material, their style of comedy, their persona and even their take on life. This can encourage us to continue to be curious and inquisitive, as well as learning more about ourselves and career.

So, which of these skills will you be applying to your life or career?