Some employers may be a little wary of whether apprenticeships are suitable for their business. However with the recent introduction of the apprenticeship levy, now is the perfect time to change that view. The following three reasons outline why taking on an apprentice is the perfect business decision.


The first thought to any business owner when taking on an apprentice may be how much they would cost the business. It is a myth that apprenticeships hinder productivity, it is quite the opposite. As apprentices can bring fresh and creative ideas to the business, which will improve productivity. Learn Direct report that it the average apprenticeship improves productivity by £214 a week, which would equate to £11,000 a year!


Apprentices are hands-on from the very beginning, which means that they are in a great position to grow and develop within the business. It is reported that 7 in 10 apprentices stay with the same employer and why wouldn’t they when they are able to nurture their skills within the same place. A number of famous faces have also benefited by apprenticeships, such as Jamie Oliver and even Leonardo Da Vinci.

Skills Gap

It is often reported that there is a skills shortage in this country but a sure fire way to address this would be to take on an apprentice. And with the apprentice levy estimated to supply around 30,000 skilled apprentices every year, they are definitely due to make a difference.

Now you know why apprenticeships are a great way to motivate and develop your employees, will you be taking advantage of these perks?