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We all need maths in everyday life and functional skills qualifications helps you to learn it in a way that makes it real and relevant to everyone. Whilst you might not have enjoyed maths at school, our experienced tutors will support you to learn the maths skills needed for your next steps in life, work and study. Functional skills mean learning the maths that you need to survive in the real world and developing the maths skills that you need to be able to use on a daily basis. This will include not just the basic numeracy skills but also how to calculate change, work out what bank statements mean, learn about metric units of measurement and many more skills that we all need.

• Money: place value and negative numbers

• The four number operations

• Rounding and estimat

Time, Distance and Scale
• Converting metric units

• Ratio and Proportion

• Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Shape and Scale
• 2D Shapes: area and Perimeter

• 3D Shapes: volume

Handling Data
• Charts and probability

• Averages: mean, median, mode and range


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