2020 is a tough year, especially within the job market. Employment is at a low with young people being hit the hardest with 13.4% of 16-24 year old’s facing unemployment this year*. But there is hope! With the Government investing heavily in incentives for apprenticeship schemes and the creation of the Kick Starter Scheme – which is creating job placements for this age group.

GB Training works closely with a range of West Midlands businesses who are actively recruiting for a number of roles, some of which have either been created as a result of the pandemic, such as those industries which are mainly online or offering delivery options – which includes retail and the food industry.

Before you even consider getting yourself out there an applying for jobs, you must ensure you have your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a Linked-in profile ready. A company will not even consider you unless you have these things in place. You do not have much or any work experience? That’s fine, we must all start somewhere, the most important thing is showcasing who you are, your desire and suitability for a role and making you stand out.


So where to start?!

Developing a CV – top tips

  • Find a good template – there are some great free options out there if you search. Look for the ones which really stand out to you, if they stand out to you, they will stand out to an employer.
  • Identify which personal details to include – think about what an employer will want to see – leave out things such as a marital status or nickname, for instance.
  • A Tailored profile – this is an introduction to who you are – your skills, interests, and passions. It will grab the company’s attention. Think about tailoring this to the industry you are applying to if you can.
  • A full work history without gaps – if you’re unable to demonstrate this, you’ve been unemployed for a while or just have gaps, you need to state what you were doing during these times, otherwise it will raise doubt with a potential employer. If you were not employed, were you volunteering, or perhaps helping or caring for someone? Approach this just as you would a job, by laying out your role and experience.
  • Proofread it! If your CV is littered with spelling and grammatical errors, it can be very off- putting to a potential employer. It is always good to ask someone else to read over it – two sets of eyes are better than one!
  • Personalisation – it is down to personal preference, but a good quality head shot of you can help the employer visualise who you are. Also, think about summarising your interests and passions at the end of the CV, this will bring your personality to life.
  • Keep it succinct – no more than two pages is the ideal. Remember employers will be sifting through a lot of CVs and will want to get to grips with who you are in a few minutes.


Developing a presence on Linked-in

Linked-in is the go-to social media channel for professionals and the job market. For companies looking to find out a bit more about you, it’s the perfect place to showcase yourself.


  • Create a profile – this your first step, you can use your CV as a basis and cut and paste so you do not need to start from scratch. Ensure you have a photo, otherwise your profile will look incomplete.
  • Build your network – connect with those you’ve worked with in the past, Linked-in will make recommendations for you to get you started.
  • Follow company pages – do you have organisations which interest you and you would like to find out more about? Follow them and you can start gaining a deeper understanding of what they are all about.
  • Like, share, comment on and create content – this will help expand your network and get you noticed, while giving you increased credibility.
  • Jobs – the job search function is worth staying connected to, it will help you find live roles. You can set up job alerts which will be emailed to you.



We offer a range of employability courses which look at coaching those looking to return to work with a whole raft of skills, including job seeking tips and interview techniques. For more information visit the webpage or email enquiries@gbtraining.org.uk for more information.




*Office for National Statistics

Sarb Bahia

Sarb Bahia

Employability Project Manager