We all know starting your first paid job can be an exciting time, whether it be an Apprenticeship or graduate role, here are a few tips to get you off to a great start!


Skip The Starbucks – Don’t buy £3 lattes. Make an office coffee. Your first financial goal should be to save 3 months of expenses
Buy something small for your parents to show your appreciation for the last 20 years

Strive to be the best – take pride in staying organised and giving 100%
Develop a work plan – where do you plan to be in 5 years? Remember careers take time to build

Know who to & how to impress
Continue to keep learning and growing your knowledge
Avoid the office gossip – Its not tasteful to moan about your boss
Look after you – Dress and look smart at all times
Take on all feedback positively – Its there to guide you
Don’t feel intimated – No-one will except you to work miracles on day 1 – Take your time and enjoy every minute!

Best of luck to everyone beginning this new chapter of their life, it is a huge step into the big world of work, and we wish you the greatest journey.

If you are looking for career guidance or any support on how to start a role as a paid Apprentice CONTACT our friendly team.