As we are all aware by now the general election will be taking place on June 8th. There is one main question that we keep asking about this shock election, how will apprenticeships be affected? Well, there are a number of slight changes that each party has announced. Below, we have listed what we can predict so far.

  • Skills
    UKIP and the Conservatives have pledged to decrease net migration in Britain. Whereas, the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Green Party are more relaxed on the issue. Regardless of what happens on Election Day, there will be an impact on the future of apprenticeships because of immigration and Brexit. As we are set to lose a vast amount of skilled workers when we leave the EU. So it is not difficult to see why the focus is on developing a number of skilled people that are in the country and apprenticeships are the way that those people can gain those skills.
  • Targets
    It is also likely that the goalposts of apprenticeship targets will move. As the 2020 pledges are most likely to be replaced with new targets up to the end of 2022. On a positive note, it is expected that apprenticeships will remain at the forefront of workplace development.
  • Quality
    There has already been an increase in quality when it comes to apprenticeships. As some employers have delivered their own training and have written their own standards. The quality of apprenticeships can only get better as they are made more relevant and as employers are looking to maximise their return on investment.
  • Equality
    Labour has pledged to attain full employment by investing £500 million in infrastructure and industry. Thus helping to build an economy where no community is left behind and that is highly skilled, high-tech and low carbon. The Labour party has also commented on how they want to create thousands of more apprenticeships in the civil service. As well as, assist employers in improving the quality of their apprenticeships.
It seems that it is an exciting time for apprenticeships and we hope that whatever the outcome of the General Election, that apprenticeships continue to soar.