I often get asked by employers to recommend areas of focus for their Digital Marketer Apprentices in the workplace.  To prefix this question, I’d say to anyone reading this who is considering a Digital Marketing Apprentice, there must be an existing function within your organisation which can fully support the apprentice, ideally a Senior Marketing Manager, Head of Marketing or Director of Marketing, sharing their knowledge and best practice experience with them.


Whether there is a broad answer or a short one, my predominant response to the question of the key areas is “expose your apprentice to different marketing platforms and technologies.”


Within GB Training’s Digital Marketer Apprentice programme, the portfolio of learning is built up of competencies that must be demonstrated using real world experience. These competencies deal with all the things the apprentice does within the workplace over the 12 to 15 months they are on programme. Within this, exposure to various marketing platforms and channels is key.

What you are looking to do as an employer is provide your apprentice with tasks that can work towards:

  • Written communication methods
  • Using different technologies
  • Digital tools
  • Data collection methods
  • Marketing specialisms


When it comes to platforms and technologies, I always recommend the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Analytics


Email marketing

Email marketing provides fantastic opportunities for junior members of the team as it helps them to understand their audiences. Using an Email Service Provider (ESP), apprentices can set up, create, send and analyse campaigns in a matter of hours. Add to this the slightly more advanced elements of tracking, A/B split testing, and automation, and you have got all the workings of a great case study towards the portfolio.


Social Media

Whether your business uses social effectively or not, it is a requirement of the British Computer Society Digital Marketing apprenticeship that apprentices work with social. One course competency requires the apprentice to demonstrate interacting with people outside of the organisation using various digital methods of communication, this must include social media. This covers effective posts, optimising reach, targeted sponsored campaigns, and measurement, which are all critical to the success of social. This demonstrates just how critical social media is a key marketing tool within every business these days.



Because copywriting forms such a large part of any marketer’s role, it is important to get your employee stuck in with writing for your audiences. The more channels they can use and the more audience that they can target the better. I often push my apprentices to write four or even five different pieces. The reason being is it helps the apprentice adapt to writing for different audiences and channels.



SEO goes hand in hand with content and copywriting. A large portion of the Digital Marketer course competencies rely on written communication, so it only seems logical to pair that with work on websites. Getting your junior employee to work on minor and later, major SEO tasks will help them to build out fantastic case studies. Through SEO the marketer can work on competitor analysis, keyword research using tools, link building, on page and off page optimisation etc. These will all provide new and engaging challenges as well as help towards your organisations search engine ranking.


Paid ads

Whether it is through social or search engines, exposing apprentices to paid advertising helps them to really understand the importance of ROI and measuring the success of campaigns. Again, paid ads will allow junior marketers to provide evidence to a great number of the competencies with the bonus of being able to truly analyse the success of campaigns using monetary values as against their goals. Unless the individual is Google Ads certified or has had a good amount of training on the platform, I would usually suggest starting them off on social ads with small budgets. These will give them a good feel for how it all works.


So, there you have it. Just a few suggestions for how you can expose your junior employees or apprentices to a range of marketing channels and technologies that will ultimately give them a better chance of achieving great results for themselves and the business.


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Mitch Goodall

Mitch Goodall

Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Tutor