The Course

The course will broaden your skills and confidence to help you get on in life and work. If people can select and use these skills appropriately they can: Communicate effectively as a citizen and engage competently and confidently with others, solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations, Help take an active and responsible role in the community, everyday life and the workplace and participate, make positive contributions and respond appropriately in discussions and exchanges.

• Understanding audience and purpose

• Understanding biased and opinion

• Understanding layout and format

• Extracting information

• Word types: nouns, verbs, adjectives

• Spelling: root words, prefixes, suffixes and homophones

• Punctuation and sentence structure

• Formal and informal writing

• Letters and emails

• Articles

• Instructive and informative writing

• Persuasive and descriptive writing

Speaking and Listening
• Depending on the level you are working towards you will need to demonstrate speaking and listening skills which are displayed and captured by your assessor through: Formal and informal settings (level 1) or discussion and presentation (level 2)


3 + 15 =

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