Pearson College London’s Ben Hughes has suggested that ‘degree apprenticeships and degrees can be equal’ and that degree apprenticeships should not be viewed “as the poor relation of academic education”.

This statement comes after the educational academic Baroness Alison Wolf commented that technology and academic education will never be equalised. She instead suggests that apprenticeships should be celebrated for being different to a university degree. However, many have opposed this view and have said that the new degree apprenticeships will allow for the true integration of traditional academic study and work experience.

Degree apprenticeships are set to be a game changer, as technical and vocational training has always unfairly been viewed as being a poor alternative to academic education. Especially by those that are in or have had an academic education.

Well, the apprenticeship levy and the degree apprenticeships that it will ensure will have the power to change that misconception. For a long time apprenticeships such as one at Rolls-Royce has been held in a similar esteem to an undergraduate degree course. With the help of the levy, these apprenticeships will no longer be few and far between but instead, a whole host of them will become available.

It is hoped that eventually, school leavers will such a prestigious Oxford or Cambridge degree in the same light as an IBM or BBC degree apprenticeship. The struggle of not having experience when you graduate is abolished with this kind of apprenticeship and it instead enhances a student’s employability. This is a finally savvy option too, as it allows you to earn on the job and not have debt.

We see the hard work that our learners and employers put into apprenticeships and it’s great to see that university degrees and apprenticeships will finally be on an even keel.