Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire learners to become the very best they can be.

Our Vision

  • To be in the top 10% of independent training providers in the country.
  • To be outstanding for teaching and learning for OFSTED, employer and learner feedback.
  • To achieve 90% in overall satisfaction for our Apprenticeships and Adult Education Budget (AEB) provision.
  • To be recognised as a positive influence for the industry and for our learners.
  • To be recognised for outstanding delivery of Functional Skills

Our Values

We believe that the training and education services provided by GB Training are both life-changing and life enhancing. This is delivered through a careful approach and is articulated in our values. We believe that individuals flourish with the support of and approach taken by our delivery team, where staff and learners work together within an environment of mutual trust and respect. We believe that we must strive to maintain the highest level of professional integrity in our day-today encounters, whilst providing a service which is always friendly and approachable. We have defined our 5 core values as:

  • Promote Diversity
  • Professional & Friendly
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Outstanding Leadership, Management & Teamwork
  • Ensure Learners Make progress and Have High Achievement


GB Training Objectives

  • To be in the top 10% of work-based learning providers in the country
  • To maintain our transparent and positive relationship with Ofsted and our fantastic result of Good
  • To always strive to achieve the highest level of employer and learner satisfaction
  • To continue to be recognised for our outstanding delivery of functional skills
  • To continue to be a positive influence for our industry and learners

Our five core values

Professional and Friendly

Applaud Diversity

Expect High Achievement

Outstanding Customer Service

Outstanding Leadership and Teamwork

Our commitment to safeguarding

Safe in ours hands
Applaud diversity
Facilitate learning in safe environments
Guide our learners in the right direction
Understand the learner’s needs
Advise and support our learners
Respond to the needs of our learners
Developing better relationships in the wider community
Inclusive learning is always a priority
Nurture you towards success
Give our staff regular training for safeguarding and Prevent

At GB Training, we recognise that our learners come from different age groups, very diverse backgrounds and communities with different experiences of learning. In modern Britain, safeguarding and Prevent is high on the agenda, we value our learners for their differences and multi-culturalism.

We recognise that prevention is the key to successfully safeguarding our learners, our principles include safe recruitment, regular staff training and working in partnership with the wider community. We pledge to take safeguarding seriously and provide safe environments for learning to take place.

There is a dedicated staff team assigned to the safeguarding and well-being of all learners, the team are available to offer advice and support when our learners need it most.

All learners, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity have the right to learning and development opportunities available at GB Training.

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