Hello, my name is George Tye, I am 17 and I have been working as a telesales apprentice with GB Training for just over 2 months now. I feel as I am well suited to the role as I have been successful in working towards my monthly targets. 

Since working with GB Training, my communication skills have improved massively and I feel much more confident talking over the phone. 

However, I feel with more time and training I can become much more successful in the future. 

After being asked for feedback on how I had been doing in those past 2 months this is some of the feedback I got; 

The head of sales has told me, my communication and listening skills have improved massively. Which has led to me contributing to the overall success of the department. But I need to work on my full understanding of every situation. But overall, I have improved and I’m getting to grips with the importance of the job.